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The Better Family Life Cultural, Educational and Business Center was created to be a world class center that would attract people of all nationalities. The Center will acknowledge to art, culture and contributions those people, companies and institutions that have contributed to helping us get where we are today.

Just a few months after opening our doors, thanks to Michael McMillan, License Collector-City of St. Louis and Chairman of the Board of the St. Louis Community Empowerment Foundation-who hosts Salute to Women in Leadership, many outstanding women will have an opportunity to tour our new building; their new home.

One person in particular is Xernona Clayton, the Founder & CEO of the Trumpet Awards Foundation in Atlanta, GA, whose awards program is seen world-wide. She worked with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  and the entire King family. She was the VP of Community Affairs with Ted Turner of TNN. She was the first African American on a network TV station in the South.

Her book: “I’ve Been Marching All Along” chronicles her behind the scene role in the civil rights movement, which she continues today with her highly relevant and engaging civil rights panels at the Trumpet Awards and the Walk of Fame with the shoes and footprints of Civil Rights Activist.

In 2004, Mrs. Clayton honored Better Family Life with a Trumpet Award for Community Service in Atlanta, Georgia. The foundation then gifted Better Family Life with an 18 passenger van to help transport Better Family Life’s afterschool youth as well as students in the Job Readiness Training Program. Better Family Life welcome her to St. Louis soon following, to celebrate her with a luncheon reception at Portfolio Art Gallery and to express sincere regards for the phenomenal way that she has highlighted African American Accomplishment and Contribution. Ms. Clayton has continued to championed the work of Malik Ahmed, CEO and Founder and his team Better
Family Life.

Notable guests who will be joining her on the tour include

Michael McMillan
Charlotte Ottley
Her Excellency Dr. Asyha
Mubarak-Kingdom of
Maria Newby
Ron Thomas
Wanda Thomas
Shirley Stark-Wallace
Emlyn McElroy
Richard Roundtree
Ray Goodman & Brown
Vickie Pearson
Michael Pearson
Mary Malone
Ray Malone
Shari Headley
Raymond Lewis
Richard Gant
Denise Nix Thompson
Denise Harrod
Gabrielle Holder
Diane Pollard
Melvin Johnson
Dr. Marcelite Johnson
Denise Thimes
BFL Board Members
Dr. Donald Suggs