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Ex-offenders join Better Family Life’s initiative to end gun violence

A new program is aiming to curb the violence on St. Louis streets with the help of some unlikely individuals. More than 100 convicted felons were invited to take part in Better Family Life’s “Put Down the Gun” initiative. The ex-offenders were connected to crimes involving guns. Now, they will be going door-to-door urging residents to turn away from gun violence.
Better Family Life vice president James Clark said he believes this special group will offer a unique and valuable perspective. “Police have tried, schools, politicians, clergy,” said Clark. “Now, we must introduce this group…no one knows this community better than this group.”One of those taking part in the program is federal parolee Nathan Walker.
“It’s going to take a community to heal a community,” said Walker. “I believe that we are where the problem started, and I believe we can be where the problem can get fixed, as well.”
Clark said if the program is successful in St. Louis, he hopes it will expand to other cities across the country.