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The Move 2018 Saturday, March 24th

As the St. Louis Metropolitan area continues to be rocked by crime and violence, gun violence in particular, it is time “we” embrace families mourning the loss of their loved ones to the culture of violence that “we” fail to acknowledge and continue to tolerate.  These families will never be the same.  Parents, siblings, and children will carry this pain for the rest of their lives.  THIS BEHAVIOR HAS BECOME ACCEPTED AND EXPECTED.  FOR 2 GENERATIONS; IT IS ALL THEY HAVE SEEN AND KNOWN.  WE MUST MOVE TO CHANGE.

The Move project, created by individuals mourning the loss of loved ones to crime and violence was a conscious decision to bring public awareness to Better Family Life’s call for members of the St. Louis Community to “Turn to Each Other Not on Each Other.”  In the words of Mr. James Clark, VP of Community Outreach of Better Family Life, “We have marched for what has been done to us. NOW it is time that we march for what we have done to each other.”


Wednesday, March 14: 3:00pm – Press Conference

Better Family Life Cultural Center, 5415 Page Blvd.

During the conference, BFL will launch 2 St. Louis Metropolitan Area Gun Violence De-Escalation Centers which will start on Monday, March 19

The Centers are organized by Better Family Life, Inc., and supported by the Missouri Foundation for Health and Washington University.


Center Locations:

 St. Louis County

Greater St. Mark Family Church

9950 Glen Owen Dr.

City of St. Louis

New Northside Neighborhood Center

6050 Goodfellow


Friday, March 16, 6:00pm

The MOVE Reflection Reception

Better Family Life Cultural Center-5415 Page Blvd.

Families of victims of gun violence convene for a reception and to reflect on their lost loved one.  The community will reflect on what is needed to restore our neighborhoods back to peaceful and nurturing places.


Saturday, March 24 – “THE MOVE”

9:00am Assemble: Roberts Building Parking Lot (Page Blvd @ Euclid Ave)

9:30am Program

10:00am SILENT MARCH Down Page Blvd.

Commencing at Roberts Parking Lot, concluding at

BFL Cultural Center 5415 Page Blvd.

The MOVE Silent march will feature families mourning the loss of loved ones.  Following the march a community rally will take place, calling for more community accountability to address the crisis that grips the community.