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About Us

About Better Family Life

Our services and programs are open to all people, regardless of their ethnicity, aptitude or beliefs. Annually we serve more than 50,000 unduplicated customers.


Better Family Life, Inc. advocates the belief that a cohesive family is the foundation for every human being’s development. It endeavors to rehabilitate individuals on a complete cultural, educational, social, and economic level by helping them become self-sufficient and contributing members of society.


Better Family Life believes that the self-conscious means by which a people creates itself, celebrates itself, and introduces itself to history and humanity is the primary route to personal, family, and group growth and sustainability.

Social and Economic Growth

Better Family Life places a high degree of importance on the social and economic elevation of low and moderate income families, disadvantaged populations, and those who are financially stable, as proven by our record of achievements since 1983.

Integrity and Accountability

Better Family Life has an unwavering commitment to integrity and accountability in all of its endeavors.

Vision & Mission

Our Mission

Mission Statement: To establish social, cultural, artistic, youth, economic, housing and educational programs that help promote positive and innovative changes in the lives of individuals and their families.

Learn about Better Family Life

Where is Better Family Life located?

We are located in the central area of St. Louis. Our address is 5415 Page Blvd. 63112.

What does Better Family Life do?

We provide holistic solutions to issues that commonly threaten the sustainability of the family unit through life-enhancing employment training and placement; education; housing and asset development; community outreach; and youth, family and clinical services.

How can I be a part of Better Family Life?

We offer programs for people of all ages, we also provide membership opportunities that increase the depth of resources provided.