Black Dance - USA:

 A Celebration in Movement

“BLACK DANCE - USA…” is an incredibly energetic, educational and high spirited national dance conference that consists of dance workshops in traditional West Afrikan (Mali, Gambia, Senegal and Guinea), Afro Cuban and Salsa (ritual and social), African Caribbean, Hip-Hop, Kemetic yoga, as well as Djembe percussion, all taught by some of the world’s BEST choreographers, dancers, and instructors.


The final event on Saturday, April 6th will be a Student Concert, featuring performances by Afriky Lolo, BEst Dance Center, and the Kuumba Youth Performance Ensemble (KYPE), all St. Louis-based dance ensembles.


 No matter what your background, you’ll leave every class having learned something new and/or another way of doing what you already know. From beginner to advanced, the non-dancer to dance professional: BLACK DANCE - USA is for everyone!