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Better Family Life’s Communiversity

Communiversity is a leadership school focused on creating change agents, community leaders, and international representatives through character building and education. The name Communiversity originates from the combined words Community and University. A community represents a group of people who live in the same area such as a city, town or neighborhood. University, an institution of higher education and research which grants academic degrees. Better Family Life’s Communiversity is a group of scholars and trainers who provide education and grant certifications to the youth in areas that are essential in creating communities that represent their interest and preparing them with the foundational mindset for civic and world leadership.


The mission of Communiversity is to create student change agents who will become community leaders. The Communiversity will provide a thorough knowledge of concepts and development practicum to cultivate leadership skills that support the building and maintenance of local and global communities.




The Communiversity’s vision is to become a secondary educational institution serving middle school and high school urban youth. The Communiversity will be an institution where students feel empowered through our educational process and ethical principles thus affording them the opportunity to attend the best academic institutions of higher learning while striving to become tomorrow’s leaders.



The core values of Communiversity include:

  •   Respect- having respect for self and respecting others regardless of differences; treating others with dignity, empathy, care, and compassion.
  •  Integrity and Moral Courage- having the ethical strength and trustworthiness to keep agreements; to meet and exceed expectations as well
    as always doing the right thing.
  • Leadership- empowering individuals to serve as examples for others by illustrating positive thinking, quality decision making, and creating
    and executing innovative ideas.
  • Service- provides the foundation for great global leaders. Always seeking excellence in the service of others while strengthening communities, teaching civic responsibility and demonstrating service through skill application within the community.