Black Dance - USA:

 A Celebration in Movement


“BLACK DANCE - USA…” is an incredibly energetic, educational and high spirited national dance conference that consists of dance workshops in traditional West Afrikan (Mali, Gambia, Senegal and Guinea), Afro Cuban and Salsa (ritual and social), African Caribbean, Hip-Hop, the Original Buckshop, Kemetic yoga, as well as Djembe percussion, all taught by some of the world’s BEST choreographers, dancers, and instructors.



The final event on Saturday, May 26th will be a Student Showcase, featuring performances by this year’s participants, St. Louis dancers and companies.


No matter what your background, you’ll leave every class having learned something new and/or another way of doing what you already know.


From beginner to advanced, the non-dancer to dance professional: BLACK DANCE - USA is for everyone!

AFRIKAN CARIBBEAN (Danny “Diallo” Hinds):

Instruction in dances originating from the Caribbean islands which were influenced by Afrikan culture.  Attire: Females should have enough fabric (100% cotton) to wrap around their waist 1½ times, a wide skirt, or some sweats.  Males wear loose fitting, workout clothing. You dance barefoot.


Instruction in the dances of Cuba and Cuban sacred dances that honor the Orixas/Orishas.  This title (Orixha) is given to the various manifestations of the Supreme Being (forces that exist within nature) known by different names such as Ogun, Elegua/Eshu, Yemanja, Oshun, Ochosi. The social dances may include Rumba, Abakua, Salsa/Casino, Bolero, Columbia, or Tambor Yuca.

Attire: Females wear wide skirts.  Males wear loose fitting clothing.  You will dance barefoot.  (ALL LEVELS)

AFRO CUBAN SALSA (Kati Hernandez):

 Instruction in the social dances of Cuba such as Rumba, Casino and Timba.  Attire: Females wear comfortable clothing and shoes with a slight heel (NO BLACK SOLED SHOES!!!). Males wear loose fitting clothing and comfortable shoes.  You should avoid rubber-soled shoes.  (ALL LEVELS)


HIP HOP (Nicholas Gates):

Instruction in the urban cultural dance form that has swept the world. It will be approached from the style known as hip-hop up to contemporary dance, which will be a synthesis of all the dance styles taught.  Attire: All participants wear Jazz shoes or sneakers, sweatpants or jazz outfits, and comfortably fitting top. No skirts, wraps, or bare feet!  (LEVEL II AND LEVEL III)


Instruction in the movements of Kemetic yoga. Participants will explore the livingness of NTR KES KES (sacred movement) and HESI (sacred sounds) to reclaim our ancestral flow and explore the livingness of the first language of our most ancient ancestors.  This journey will visit the Kemetic movement flow of PTAH (creativity), SEKHMET (fearlessness) BES (innocence and joy) and AST (divine offering). We will reclaim the HTPU (gentle winds) of our HEKA (power) using movement vocabulary from Africa, the Middle East and the African Diaspora and begin to transform our lives into the METUT NTR the living book of ancient divine thought.  Join in on a journey of immersion and discovery as we awaken the Silent Dance that holds the first thought. Attire: All participants wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in.  You can do this class barefoot, in socks, or a securely fitting soft-soled shoe that is not worn outside.


THE ORIGINAL BUCKSHOP! (Michelle N. Gibson):

Instruction in dance from the culture and traditions of the Black New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA) community as it pertains to the city’s history.  The class includes history, theory, technique & practice, presentation of information through full embodiment: NOLA essence reflected in voice, facial expression, body language, eye contact and technical proficiency of movement emphasized (rhythm, intention, physicality).  Attire: All participants wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in.  Shoes are optional (no black soled shoes or shoes that have been worn outside). (ALL LEVELS)

TRADITIONAL WEST AFRIKAN (Moustapha Bangoura and Amaniyea Payne): Instruction in dances and songs of Senegal, Gambia, Mali, and Guinea, West Afrika. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to take the class.  Attire: Females should have enough fabric (100% cotton) that can wrap around their waist 1½ times.  Males wear loose fitting, workout clothing.  You dance barefoot. (ALL LEVELS)