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Better Family Life Membership

“For the Development of African American Families, Communities and Business”

Better Family Life’s Membership program is an ecumenically based social, cultural and spiritual movement that works to uplift African American people and communities. Since 1983, we have offered social services to communities whose populations face barriers to employment, housing, education, and youth services.

Our ultimate goal is to be an inspirational force to help members of these populations become productive citizens of society by reintegrating them into the civic affairs of their respective communities. We also strive to help them stabilize their families, create businesses and rebuild communities. We utilize the arts, community events and intellectual forums as a means of increasing self-awareness and recruiting new members.  

Mission: The mission is to galvanize and strengthen the African American family through personal, intellectual and professional development, through civic/community involvement and leadership opportunities.  

Goal: Our goal is to secure 1000 members. A 1000 membership group is an illustration to the community that unity of purpose is achievable and can be used to effectively and substantially champion causes which will stimulate upward mobility for individuals, families and communities. 


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We encourage our members to promote civic engagement, business development and cooperative economics.  

BFL Membership Action Committees:

Membership Coordinating Committee (MCC)

Responsible for the recruitment and retention of BFL Membership Association. Coordinate activities that build relationships and a sense of community within membership. Oversee hospitality functions at meetings and events.

Professional /Personal Development Committee (PPDC)

Coordinate seminars, book clubs, workshops, and other professional development-related activities. The annual goal for the PPDC is to host 1 professional development seminar per quarter (the seminars will foster positive relationships with family and community members, and  will provide training in nutritional health & well-being). The book club will emphasize historical, cultural, business, social and economic literature.

Service Committee (SC)

Coordinate activities and mobilize members to serve in the areas of education, youth development (reading, mentoring), and other needs of our community as determined by BFL.  Establish and maintain a food bank that will feed hundreds of families in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area; promote literacy by logging 500 reading hours with elementary school youth.

Civic Engagement Committee (CEC)

Coordinate voter education and registration drives.  Monitor and educate members on legislative and policy issues that impact urban communities; coordinate advocacy efforts to keep members civically informed and responsible; register 1000 new voters annually; conduct workshops highlighting issues that affect our communities. (i.e. minimum wage, early voting, education, community development, the criminal justice system, etc.)

Mary “Dot” Simmons Scholastic Society

Solicit and secure scholastic sponsorships to fund higher education for youth. Oversee the annual scholarship competition and ensure the timely and fair disbursement of youth scholarships. Solicit applicants and score applications; distribute award notices and properly communicate results. In the spirit of Mary Dot Simmons, coordinate and organize our annual “Mary Dot Simmons Vegetarian Awareness Week” to educate and inspire healthy food alternatives within the community.

Special Events Committee (SEC)

Assist in the planning, organization and execution of special events, including vendor relations, volunteers, logistics, scheduling, set-up, break down and clean up.