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James Clark

James Clark

VP of Community Outreach
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James Clark became a member of Better Family Life in 1989, after a successful term in the United States Army. He served Program Assistant for the Role Model Experience Program, were he coordinated role model and group mentoring for 65 St. Louis Public Schools.  For 12 years Mr. Clark implemented the mentoring program for the St. Louis City, Juvenile Detention Center.

From 1993 – 1997 Mr. Clark served as an Administrative Assistant to the Mayor of the City of St. Louis.  In that capacity he oversaw the expansion of recreational programs, organized gang summits, and youth job fairs for area youth and young adults.  After a career dedicated to servicing others in the St. Louis Community, in 1998, he joined the staff of Better Family Life. Since this appointment, he has continually brokered strong and necessary ties to community stakeholders and other community partners who advocate for policy analysis, community change and development.

Mr. Clark played a key role in securing the Workforce Development program “WorkLink: Project R.E.S.P.E.C.T. In the Met Center, Wellston, MO. He was responsible for outreach and community engagement, which helped establish the MET Center as a premier workforce institution in the Wellston/St. Louis Metropolitan area.

In 2000, Mr. Clark was appointed to Vice President. He is responsible for all outreach and recruitment activities for BFL organizational initiatives.  He serves as liaison between the Chief Executive Officer, political, governmental, educational, religious and other social agencies to advance the mission of Better Family Life community engagement and affairs.

Under Mr. Clark’s leadership, BFL’s Community Outreach office serves as a one-stop neighborhood-based resource center including GED tuturing, job search, resume writing, legal assistance, transportation assistance, crisis intervention, volunteering, mentoring, educational assistance, and computer lab assistance. He serves as managing partner for Milestones Drug treatment program, which now operates out of the BFL CEBC.

Mr. Clark has implemented several innovative programs including: TheNeighborhood Alliance which provides direct resource delivery into 3 of St. Louis’ highest more challenged neighborhoods, where crime is down 4x the rate of the City of St. Louis;  The Next Chapter Violence Intervention Project, a groundbreaking partnership with St. Louis Children’s Hospital which provides direct services for shooting victims; St. Louis Perspectives, a school based mentoring project that targets 50 male students in St. Louis Public Schools; and The St. Louis Mobilization Initiative, an expansive group of resource providers from throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

Mr. Clark directs the “Put Down the Pistol” Initiative, a multi-prong, cutting edge initiative that provides: 1) Public Awareness, 2) Targeted resource delivery 3) Conflict resolution. This initiative is near and dear to his heart. His 2015 message is, “We Must Stop Killing Each Other” which is now available on t-shirts and is available to the public.

Mr. Clark also directs Family Week, which is the one of the largest events of the summer in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. He is also responsible for the development and implementation of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area Amnesty Project.  This first of its kind project provides legal support to citizens with outstanding misdemeanor and Child Support warrants.  Since 2000, over 14,000 citizens taken advantage of this citizen focused program.

Mr. Clark studied Sociology at Colorado State University he attended the John F. Kennedy School of Government – Harvard University, and he completed the Neighborhood Leadership Academy through the University of Missouri – St. Louis.