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James Clark

James Clark

VP of Community Outreach
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James Clark is regarded as a leading voice in America on the issue of neighborhood stabilization, engagement and community organizing.  He serves on the Mayor’s Crime Commission, the St. Louis Regional Crime Commission, and the United Way/Washington University Gun Violence Initiative. Clark has developed and deployed innovative outreach and engagement programs including:

  • The Neighborhood Alliance which provides direct resource delivery into 8 of St. Louis’ more challenged neighborhoods, where crime is down 4x the rate of the City of St. Louis. Recently,  Neighborhood Alliance has been expanded to four neighborhoods in St. Louis County;
  • Pulpit to Porches, a progressive model whose mission is to empower neighborhoods by delivering resources to residents through churches located in the neighborhood. Pulpit to Porches works to restore the Church to a position of neighborhood leadership. Over 112 Churches have registered, 46 churches being trained and now provide outreach;
  • The St. Louis Resource Council, an expansive group of resource providers from throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan area that serves as a referral network for families residing in targeted neighborhoods;
  • “We Must Stop Killing Each Other” a community engagement public awareness campaign with a multi-prong, cutting edge approach that provides: 1) Public Awareness, 2) Targeted resource delivery to individuals and neighborhoods, 3) Conflict resolution. Over 13 thousand households support this initiative by displaying a sign in the front yard. This campaign is the largest, most widely supported yard sign visibility campaign in St. Louis history.
  • “Put Down the Pistol” provides structure and guidance for individuals facing gun charges in St. Louis City Courts. Since 2011 over 20 individuals facing criminal gun charges were referred by St. Louis City Courts. To date, only 2 have re-offended;
  • Louis Metropolitan Area Amnesty Project, the first of its kind in the nation, citizen focused program provides legal support to citizens with outstanding misdemeanor and Child Support warrants. Since 2000, over 16,000 citizens have taken advantage of these services.
  • Louis Metropolitan Area Gun Violence De-Escalation Centers. Launched in 2016 these centers serve 3rd party individuals, or community members who have information on conflicts that may result in gun violence. Since December 6, 2016, Clark and his team have successfully de-escalated 22 conflicts that either had an episode of, or had the trajectory towards gun violence.

To be part of the on-going efforts to help us improve our community, contact Better Family Life’s Community Outreach department by calling 314.381.8200 or clicking here