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Cultural Arts

Cultural Arts 

 The Cultural Arts department is dedicated to cultivating progressive and productive cultural values, traditions and practices to help raise the quality of life. The department’s mission is to provide information, programs, and activities that exemplify the cultural and artistic traditions of people of Africa and the African Diaspora. Core Beliefs:

  1. Culture is the self-conscious means by which people create, celebrate, and introduce themselves to history and humanity.
  2. Artistic expression can impact, and is a reflection of, personal identity, self and group empowerment, and quality of life
  3. Cultural participation helps people articulate important aspects of themselves and their communities, thus encouraging attitudes, values, and social ties that underpin a well functioning society.

The Cultural Arts Department sponsors two annual events: “BLACK DANCE – USA: A Celebration in Movement” and Kwanzaa Holiday Expo.

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    Deborah D. Ahmed

    Executive Director of BFL Cultural, Educational and Business Center